We Clean Water

We Clean Water

We Clean Water

Ever wonder what happens to water after it is used to remove the grime off your car and you drive away from the car wash? The car wash industry is just one of many that relies on Aqua Clean to manage dirty waste water (and sludge) and do so in an environmentally friendly manner. Agricultural, mining, manufacturing industries also call on Aqua Clean to ensure the environment is not harmed by their waste water.

Aqua Clean Environmental cleans waste water

Using various processes, we are able to lower the contaminates in waste water for safe discharge into the city’s sanitary sewer system. Separately, accumulated tank bottom wastes are solidified and disposed at approved landfill facilities.  All water is part of a watershed which is an area that drains to a common zone such as a river or lake. From there, it eventually reaches its destination of a reservoir, bay or ocean. During the journey, water inevitably picks up pollutants such as fertilizers, soaps, pesticides, and even heavy metals and petroleum products. Keeping further pollutants out of the water shed is one of our primary goals.

Polluted water is harmful to all of us as well as our wildlife. Pollution in the watershed coming from nutrients found in fertilizers and soaps can cause excessive algae growth resulting in eutrophication in aquatic ecosystems. Fertilizers contribute to extreme levels of plant growth which depletes oxygen levels, harming water quality and causing stress on wildlife which often results in fish kills. Heavy metals are non-degradable and become toxic as they build up over time. When heavy metals are present, they can decrease organic decomposition/biodegradation resulting in more organic pollution. Wildlife, including plants, absorb the heavy metals and when it accumulates over time it is known as biological magnification. Helping keep this pollution process to a minimum is critical to what Aqua Clean Environmental does.

It would not be a pretty picture if not for the steps we all take to protect our precious environment. Aqua Clean is proud to play a vital role in collecting waste water and cleaning it up. The next time you drive away from the car wash, rest assured that an Aqua Clean Environmental Pump Truck is not far behind to pick up and clean up the water and sludge you left behind.


Wildlife living in harmony with Aqua Clean Environmental Treatment Facility

Florida’s Leading Permitted Industrial Wastewater Treatment & Disposal Company

City of Tampa, FL Permit # 1107 and City of Lakeland, FL Permit # 1041C

Waste Water Treatment & Disposal

On-site recovery and removal of liquids and solid wastewater components including petroleum contaminated water, water from fuel tanks and sumps, storm drain retention pond cleaning and ground water removal and disposal.

Vacuum Truck Pumping & Cleaning Services

Our vacuum trucks are equipped to handle just about any job thrown at them. From tank cleaning to removal of various solids and everything in between, our decades of experience enable us to handle any job. We also offer confined space cleaning.

Petroleum & Car Wash Services

Trench pit and sump washing for drive-thru and DIY car washes and truck wash facilities. Sludge and test waters pumping and removal. Drums containing petroleum/water mixes can be pumped, and liquids or solids are removed.

Used Oil & Antifreeze Pickup & Recycling

Used Oil and Antifreeze recycling by Florida Recycling Solutions. Pickup used oil, oil filters, rags/absorbents, and antifreeze from your facility. Aqua Clean/FRS recycles these components which are then sold for further use.

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