Clarifier, Sump and Secondary Containment System Pumping and Disposal

Aqua Clean Florida is the leading company in providing non-hazardous industrial waste disposal services to various industries in Central Florida since 1997. Our services include a wide range of vacuum truck pumping and cleaning services, wastewater and sludge treatment. We have the equipment and manpower to execute proper and safe disposal of non-hazardous industrial waste.

Clarifier, Sump and Secondary Containment Systems

Clarifier, Sump and other Secondary Containment Systems are built to contain hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste. These wastes often contain chemicals and biological growths that can cause erosion in the tanks and therefore must be cleaned and maintained regularly, by a team of trained professionals. The waste contained in these tanks is removed and, by regulation, must be disposed of properly to ensure that the pollutants are not discharged into public waterways.

Clarifier tanks are used in wastewater treatment processes – to remove solids and biological growth from water. These are generally either circular or rectangular, based on industrial requirements, and are often fitted with scraper blades that move the sedimentation.

Sump pits are generally constructed beneath basements to alleviate flooding. It has an automated sump pump which is transfers excess water, usually to the storm drain or municipality sewer system. In addition to flood prevention, it plays a vital role in safeguarding the foundation of the building from cracks and other structural defects.

Secondary Containment Systems, also known as ‘spill containment systems’ are used in industries dealing in hazardous and non-hazardous material. These tanks or systems function as an added security measure to avoid spilling of industrial waste.

Pumping and Disposal: Clarifier, Sump and Secondary Containment System

Aqua Clean Florida provides pumping and disposal of clarifier, sump and other secondary containment system for non-hazardous industrial waste. Our staff considers various scientific parameters like vacuum flow rate, temperature and humidity to maximize the effectiveness of the pumping process. Our vacuum trucks have powerful pumps to extract the waste material, and contain it in the portable tanks. We have custom built vacuum trucks, fitted with pressure washers and water reservoir, used to clean the containment system thoroughly. Once the clarifier, sump or secondary containment tank is emptied and cleaned, the trucks transport the industrial waste to our recycling center at Lakeland, FL.

Aqua Clean Florida has experienced and certified staff, and together with latest and technologically advanced equipment, we have made pumping and disposal of waste from clarifier, sump and secondary containment tank safe and convenient.

Vacuum Truck Pumping and Disposal for Other Industries

Aqua Clean Florida has provided several industries and state and local municipalities in Central Florida with services for pumping and disposal of non-hazardous waste. Our certified professionals are experts in handling non-hazardous waste collection and disposal. In addition to clarifier, sump and secondary containment system pumping and disposal, our vacuum trucks service these industries:

  • Chemical Services Industry
  • Petroleum Services & Gasoline Industry (Refinery, Terminal, Jobbers)
  • Retail & Commercial Gas Stations, Repair Shops, Oil & Lube
  • Uniform and Laundry Companies
  • Restaurant & Food Services
  • Car Washes
  • Truck Stops

Our Other Vacuum Truck Pumping & Disposal Services

We also provide the following vacuum truck pumping & disposal services:

How to Use Our Pumping & Disposal Services

Before initiating business with us, please review and complete our Non-Hazardous Waste Profile Summary (NHWP).

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Pumping & Disposal Services Testimonial

I have dealt with Aqua Clean for close to four years. During that time, I have had them remove my wash water and used oil. Jose Reyes and their drivers are always polite and professional. Jose Reyes always has his guys show up when he says they will be there. Aqua Clean is one of the most honest and professional company’s I deal with. Aqua Clean is the only company I use to remove my Wash water and use oil. They are very competitive on their disposal rates.

Mike McKenzie

Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, Dillon Logistics

Florida’s Leading Permitted Industrial Wastewater Treatment & Disposal Company

City of Tampa, FL Permit # 1107 and City of Lakeland, FL Permit # 1041C

Waste Water Treatment & Disposal

On-site recovery and removal of liquids and solid wastewater components including petroleum contaminated water, water from fuel tanks and sumps, storm drain retention pond cleaning and ground water removal and disposal.

Vacuum Truck Pumping & Cleaning Services

Our vacuum trucks are equipped to handle just about any job thrown at them. From tank cleaning to removal of various solids and everything in between, our decades of experience enable us to handle any job. We also offer confined space cleaning.

Petroleum & Car Wash Services

Trench pit and sump washing for drive-thru and DIY car washes and truck wash facilities. Sludge and test waters pumping and removal. Drums containing petroleum/water mixes can be pumped, and liquids or solids are removed.

Used Oil & Antifreeze Pickup & Recycling

Used Oil and Antifreeze recycling by Florida Recycling Solutions. Pickup used oil, oil filters, rags/absorbents, and antifreeze from your facility. Aqua Clean/FRS recycles these components which are then sold for further use.

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